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i hate when your boobs itch in public wow it’s like let me try not to shove my hand down my bra i’ll just bump my boob with my arm hopefully that helps maybe no one will notice 

girls should be allowed to stick their hands down their shirts if their boobs itch

i mean guys can rearrange themselves in public

i’d like to itch my boobs and not get stared at thank you 

obama fix this 

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Hanmae. 26. Cebu City, PH. Virtual assistant of sorts. I'm taking fangirling as a side job and about a couple steps away from being a hikikomori. I love thrift shopping for clothes and shoes, animated films, cats, libraries and bookstores, french fries, burger steak, this guy, and men in suits. Why hey-insom(n)ia?

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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