Akira (1988), Paprika (2006), Perfect Blue (1997), Tekkonkinkreet (2006), Tokyo Godfathers (2003), 1001 Nights (1998)

Animated films i watched/re-watched this past week. Except for 1001 Nights, i already watched the other films listed above a few years ago but i decided to re-watch them because they’re the only titles available in my HD (LOL).

I highly recommend everything above. 3 of them are by Satoshi Kon (Paprika, Perfect Blue & Tokyo Godfathers) and if you know him, his works are pretty popular and known to be really good (so much mind fuck in most of them). The art for Tekkonkinkreet is amazing! I’m a sucker for animation with really good details so if you’re the same, you’ll love it. The story is no less than amazing too (at least for me). 1001 Nights is a short film and might be boring to some of you because of the lack of dialogue but the movements are pretty engaging. As for Akira, i had to re-watch it because Hollywood is making a live-action for it. I watched it a long time ago and i couldn’t remember much of it. I don’t exactly love it but its good.


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