One Direction - Loved You First

This is my current favorite 1D song. It reminds me of a John Hughes film for some reason.



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2PM - I’ll Be OK

I’m still on a 2PM high after seeing them last Saturday. All i ever played as of late are their songs. lol I’m going to do a fan account of sorts i swear. I’ll get to it soon after sorting out some irl stuff.

ANYWAY, yes yes DOWNLOAD LEGEND OF 2PM (It’s their 2nd Japanese album). I’ll Be OK is one of my favorites from the album including Missing You, So Bad, Want You Back (I sometimes lol @ Taec’s singing part though), Chansung’s solo song ‘Oh’ (I’M NOT BEING BIASED OK IT’S REALLY GOOD) and Taecyeon’s ‘Kimi Dake Ni’. The entire album is pretty chill so more or less you won’t be skipping a song. I think this album might be my favorite 2PM release next to 1:59PM. Now that i think about it 1:59PM isn’t exactly that tight of an album but i was so emotionally invested with 2PM when it was released so it’ll always be up there when i rank their songs/releases.


After 4 years i’m finally seeing 2PM tonight. I can’t sit still rn. I won’t be able to sleep. lol

130225 Babysitting duties by the pool last Monday @ The Pavillion, Kishanta

I don’t really like kids that much because they’re usually either the spawn of Satan or angelic when it comes to their attitude and never in between. I’m probably exaggerating but I usually can’t handle that. lol

Zian is so easy to be with though. He isn’t cranky, doesn’t cry a lot unless he’s hungry and won’t slap you left  and right whenever he gets the chance to unlike most kids i know. And he’s just really cute okay?

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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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