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A couple of you have been leaving messages in my ask box about how was it seeing 2PM (mostly Chansung lol) for the first time. So let me just try and do it in bullet points okay? I tried writing a novel about it earlier and it just didn’t make sense. lol

  • Even if you’re only a casual Kpop/2PM fan, a previous fan, you just like them enough or you don’t like them enough, if you have the means to attend their concert, DO IT. I know a couple of people online who are into Kpop that can’t get into 2PM or even hate them because of their supposed lack of talent. It’s one of the reasons why I was a bit worried seeing them live because despite hearing a lot of great things about their concerts and my belief of them as one of the best performance boy bands on the planet (let’s be real, love them or hate them 2PM gives a good show), what if I’m just a really a biased fan blindsided by 2PM’s hotness and they won’t be as great live? From their first song to the last, I can honestly say being a fan of them for the past 4 years has been worth it. They performed some songs that never really grew on me (their songs are mostly a hit or miss) but after seeing them perform it live, I learned to love those songs. They make it worth every penny you spend on the concert not only because it shows that they actually give it their all for every song but they interact A LOT with the fans. I’ve seen most if not all of their concert DVDs and a lot of fancams from their concerts but I never really noticed the amount of fan service they do. I mean, I know they do a lot of fan service but I didn’t think it would be that much. lol And yes, they do live up as one if not the best performance boy band on the planet.
  • ALSO OMG CHANSUNG. JESUS FUCKING CHRIST. HE’S JUST REALLY REALLY GOOD LOOKING. To most people standing there and looking pretty should probably be Nichkhun’s task but it’s really most applicable to Chansung in real life. I know that’s probably a negative thing in general but there’s no other way for me to explain how Chansung’s good looks can affect a person. lol There’s also something about his stance that make it seem like he’s taller than Taecyeon. I was also fairly impressed during his solo. Chansung’s not a good singer (let’s be honest here lmao) so I was really nervous for him but he performed the entire song really well. Let’s not even start talking about how he’s just naturally sexy. The other members have nothing on him when it comes to that. Okay, I’m probably exaggerating. Of course, they all can be sexy. But like I said, Chansung’s sexiness comes naturally and it shows during their sexy dance routines. Obvious crowd favorites are those with grinding and body waves in their choreo. haha

A couple more things that are worth mentioning:

  • HANDS UP is really really great live. I was mostly okay/meh with that track when they released it but I get why they promoted it as their main single now. You cannot not sing and dance when they perform it. 
  • A couple of you know that Wooyoung is my favorite voice in 2PM. So I was bit disappointed when he debuted solo with Sexy Lady. I just never really liked it even after watching a performance or two. After seeing/hearing it live? Now that’s another story. There’s something so attractive about Wooyoung when he’s performing. His voice easily strains but somehow it worked with the song. @rizchan could attest that Sexy Lady is the song that stuck with me after the concert. I ended up singing it at random times. lol
  • I love love love that they had a special set list for their concert in Manila. It was their first time here and they’ve done a couple of tours for the past years. I just really appreciate that they didn’t just follow the general WTII set list and considered that we weren’t a stop in their previous concert tours. They ended up performing a couple of their old stuff that they don’t perform anymore in their recent concerts.
  • A+ to infinity for the concert production. Really, I’ve never seen one like it. It was actually phenomenal. haha I was just so impressed. I think the production alone is worth all the money you spend. You know those concert introductions that are usually really cheesy when you watch it on video? It’s pretty damn awesome live. I love that they performed with a live band too. :)

As for the rest of the solos:

  • Chansung’s is my favorite (heh). LIKE OH MAN. PERFORM IT AGAIN.
  • Nichkhun has a really nice cool/soothing voice but his solo song is just too cheesy for my liking.
  • I never expected to like Taec’s song. When it was released a couple months back I thought he ruined it and should’ve just left it to Yubin & San.E. lmao But it’s so great live mostly because of Taecyeon’s showmanship.
  • Junho’s song is good live too. I’m not exactly in love with the song but Junho’s a great performer. He’s the most consistent out of all the members during the entire concert.
  • The only thing I hated about Jun.K’s solo is it’s not ‘ALIVE’. lol All those fan accounts saying he’s charismatic? It’s true. I hate the word swag but he really has it. haha I loved his solo but again, it’s not ALIVE. I’m just really really pressed that he didn’t perform ALIVE okay? I love that song and his performances of it too much

I know you’re all probably expecting i’ll write some reallyyyyy long-ass fanaccount/review after finally seeing them live. In as much as I want to, there’s something about finally seeing/meeting a group or a person you like that makes it so difficult for you to describe things or your feelings about it. I would probably do better at explaining things seen from my monitor. lol I hope this is okay enough though. If you have more questions you can just ask me. I do answer them. You might not see it because I do it in private. :)


Again, thank you so much to Dale, @yummeh, and of course, Globe for the concert ticket. :))

badlydrawnmoon replied to your photo: Sure we’re not supposed to judge a book by its…

oh my god that fangirl book. coverart by gingerhaze! That’s awesome. Look her up in tumblr bro.

You would know that bit Kimbo. You would. haha Will do!

Sure we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but I can’t help that I’m a sucker for nice and clean covers. I’m currently reading Attachments and it’s good so far. I’ll read eleanor & park next and based on the reviews, I’m going to end up liking it as well. Fangirl won’t be out until September but it’s the book I’m most excited about out of Rainbow Rowell’s releases. I mean a book about a fangirl? That’s my story.




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